Appointment Modification and Cancellation Policy
All cancellations must be made at least three hours in advance. Otherwise, the Customer will be charged 50% of the reserved treatment price.

Those appointments reserved to take place between 10:00 am and 1:00 pm must be canceled the previous day; if not, they will be charged at 50% of the reserved treatment price

In case of not showing up for the appointment, the Client will be charged 100% of the reserved treatment price.
Modifications and cancellations of treatments must be processed in Dolce Vital Spa personally; or through email to the address:; or by phone at Dolce Vital Spa direct number: +34 938 109 035.

In the event that Dolce Vital Spa is forced to cancel the service, it must also comply with the cancellation time described for the Customers. If so, Dolce Vital Spa agrees to compensate the cancellation of the Client’s reservation with another service that supposes the same amount or an approximate amount to the price of the service previously reserved

Hours of use of swimming area for children under 11 years of age
In order to ensure adherence to Dolce Vital Spa philosophy for its Customers, as well as the proper functioning of the water areas of the enclosure, children under 11 years old will have the following special hours for the use of the facility:
Daily, from 10:00 am to 12:00 pm and from 2:00 pm to 5:00 pm.

One adult, at least, should be responsible for the proper conduct of the minors.

Additionally, the admission of children under 14 years old in the sauna and steam bath is strongly discouraged. In such case, if they make use of said services, they must always be accompanied by an adult who shall be responsible in this respect.

Information of interest
The changing rooms lockers work with returnable € 2.00 coins.

Access to Dolce Vital Spa only allows the use of its specific facilities, not allowing, under any circumstances, the access and use of Dolce Sitges outdoor gardens and swimming pools, which are exclusively restricted for use and enjoyment by Clients lodging at Dolce Sitges.

By legal health obligation, adults and children must use a cap, mandatorily, to cover their head in both the heated indoor pool and also the Jacuzzi.

In order to enjoy sauna and steam bath, the use of swimwear is mandatory.

In case you forget your swimsuit and/or hat and want to access the water area, we have these products for sale in our store.

The presence of Clients and Guests in the gym is limited for performing physical exercises; those not making use of this area for those purposes are not allowed to stay.

The maximum number of people who can use and enjoy the gym at the same time is 24, considering the two rooms making up the facilities.

The use of the gym is not permitted for Clients and Guests aged under 16.

Clients and Guests over 16 and under 18 must be accompanied by an adult, who must take full responsibility for them in order to access, use and enjoy Dolce Vital Spa gym.

In order to perform the exercises and use the equipment and material at the gym, appropriate sports clothing and footwear must be worn in this area and while exercising and using the equipment. Therefore, accessing and using the facilities shirtless, with inappropriate clothing or non-sports shoes or unsuitable footwear it is not allowed, under any circumstances.

Eating food, consuming alcoholic beverages and/or smoking in the facilities is strictly forbidden.

The correct use and enjoyment of the equipment, devices and machines of the gym will always be the sole responsibility of the Client or Guest.

As is logical and expected, the use of the different devices and apparatus is limited to people with experience of using them in a gym environment.

Please do refrain from shouting and keep a moderate tone in conversations.

Also, please switch your phone to silence and do not use the device’s speaker to listen to music or videos, using headphones when appropriate.

We recommend limiting the use of the same cardiovascular device to 30 minutes as a courtesy, if there are users waiting for exercising.

Likewise, and during the rest period between series of exercises, you are expected to allow others to use the equipment.
The equipment, apparatus and material at the gym must only be used in this area and items must not be removed from the gym, especially the equipment in the studio room.

Please do not reserve or hold on to material or equipment during the entire training session, since it is for the common use of all users.

Access to the studio room may be restricted during work group and training sessions. To this end, the schedules of these activities where entrance is prohibited are posted on the door.

Damage and deterioration caused to the facilities and/or equipment due to bad or inadequate use will entail their due replacement, which must be assumed by the Client or Guest who caused the damage or deterioration.

The use of personal towel is mandatory for the enjoyment of equipment, apparatus and material as a hygiene measure in order to avoid possible contagion and the undue wear of the machines.

After the working and training session with each item of equipment, apparatus and materials, kindly clean them with disinfectant wipes made available and please leave the towel in the basket for removal.

For the benefit of all users, please replace sports equipment in the assigned place after training. In this regard, please employ utmost care in the use of the material in order to avoid its early deterioration.

In order to ensure safety of and for facility users, a closed-capture tv system for video-surveillance is iin place at the different areas of the gym.

In case of doubt, comments, complaints or faults please inform us urgently in the reception of Dolce Vital Spa or, failing that, at the Hotel Reception.

Non-observance of these standards and breach of these rules will be sufficient grounds for the Management of Dolce Vital Spa to ban the Client and/or Guest from using the gym of Dolce Vital Spa.

If you have any questions or concerns, you can contact our Reception Team of Dolce Vital Spa from 7:00 am to 9:30 pm by phone +34 938 109 035 or if you prefer, you may also address your inquiries by email to the address: